Aromes picks for 2010 Best Chefs in Montreal

At the end of each year, Aromes publishes the names of his choice of the #1 Chef  in Montreal.

The Chef  (or Chefs — for the 2nd year in a row, it is not one but couple of Chefs who are chosen) needs to be an artisan Chef  (Chefs who spend more time on TV shows rather than behind their stoves are not considered here) of exceptional talent, with a commitment to outstanding food. 

Last year’s winners:  Raza’s Chef Mario Navarrette Jr  and Bistro Cocagne’s Chef Alexandre Loiseau

This year’s winners are three Chefs:

Michele Mercuri – XO Le Restaurant ; A Chef who flirts with the 3 star Michelin perfection >>>
Chef Axel           – Kitchen Galerie     ; This young  Chef cooks the most orgasmic Bistro food in town >>>
Chef Rouyé        – La Porte               ;  A Chef of 2 Michelin star potential. Amazing talent. >>>

This year, in Quebec’s province, outside of Montreal, I have been impressed by the amazing talent of Chef José Pierre Durand at Poivre Noir, in Trois-Rivières: here, no  absent chef syndrome bullshit, but a Chef right where he needs to shine: behind his stoves! And what a talent! On the shore of the Saint Laurent river, at Trois Rivieres, they truly have got a real gem of international caliber. This is for you if you like Chefs who dare avoiding the safe side of things and indulge in exciting modern fusion of flavors. Click here for my latest review of Poivre Noir.

In conclusion, Congrats to L’Européa for its inclusion as a new member of Relais & Chateaux . Well deserved. 

Happy holidays to all,